Abel Ferreira e Seu Conjunto - Jantar Dancante (1958)

Copacabana CLP 11065

I must confess that Abel Ferreira's first album Acariciando is an absolute hit at my place since I received it from Pedro & 300discos and burnt it to disc. Checking once more his discography and my collection I realized that I am missing his second career album Jantar Dançante No 1 and looked up if I can find it somewhere on the net, only to realize that Augusto TM has posted it on his legendary Toque, which he has unfortunately closed in the meantime, which mens that somebody who is visiting Parallel Realities must have downloaded it from Toque and have it in his collection.
So I added it to my Santa Claus list.
One minute later, I checked my mail and found the newest package sent by Pedro & 300discos. and found it there.

Coincidence or more than that?
Unimportant, relax, enjoy, dine or dance to:

01. I Only Have Eyes For You (Harry Warren / Al Dubin)
02. É Bom Parar (Rubens Soares / Noel Rosa)
03. Baião no Deserto (Abel Ferreira / José Menezes de França)
04. Bobo Alegre (Abel Ferreira)
05. Rumbaraque (Abel Ferreira)
06. Besame Mucho (Consuelo Velasquez)
07. Auf Wiedersehen (E. Storch)
08. Lamento (Elzinha Ribeiro / Guaraná)
09. Quisera (Lina Pesce)
10. Morena Boca de Ouro (Ary Barroso)
11. Sempre Você (Abel Ferreira)
12. Ai Que Saudades da Amélia (Ataulfo Alves / Mário Lago)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

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